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The Arthur

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No, you can’t take any calls with The Arthur, but you can capture the time of your life. A bold antique-style phone design makes The Arthur stand out in any room’s decor. 

Featuring vintage, distressed finishes and a unique clock face, The Arthur’s flat black matte shows that it’s a well-worn, rusting, favored timepiece that speaks to an era when elegance and beauty were treasured above all else.

The telephone first became prominent in everyday life in the 1920’s, the Roaring Twenties. Life was lived to the fullest then, and people felt that because of new technology, like motion pictures, radio, electricity, and automobiles, anything was possible. The Arthur brings back that feeling of accelerated aspirations and a change in lifestyle. 

Imagine yourself in the Roaring Twenties with The Arthur. Everything is feasible. Put some jazz on the radio and drink and dance the night away like Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Let your creativity run free and take in the exploding cultural shifts of the Roaring Twenties by surrounding yourself with art, literature, and music. The Arthur will fit right into your plans.

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