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A stunning glossy red clock, the Wendy showcases a night lamp design that adds functionality to a collector’s treasure trove. Exquisite craftsmanship displays authentic texture and a distressed look in a classic timepiece face that will enhance any decor. The Wendy measures 5 inches by 5 inches by 5.75 inches, the perfect size for any side table, shelf, or mantel. The sleek lines of the stand flow perfectly from the lantern-style top to the sturdy, bell-shaped base. 

The beautiful Wendy clock is styled after a railroad signal lantern. Railroad lanterns bring back a bygone era when rail was the fastest, most sophisticated form of travel. These beautifully simple lanterns served as communication between engineers and station staff at night when flags couldn’t be seen. Station staff would light a lantern to warn engineers about hazards up ahead, like broken tracks or a fallen tree over the tracks that could cause an accident.

The Wendy clock today signals the value of both time and communication. Imagine Wendy signaling out her bedroom window to Peter Pan when the clock’s hands reach midnight. Knowing all were sleeping inside, it was safe for Peter to come fly Wendy and the boys off to Never Never land.

Whether you purchase the Wendy to add to your own collection or as a gift for someone special, the exquisite details and its fascinating story will make it a favorite of everyone.

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