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The Trafalgar clock is a classically styled wall clock that enhances any decor. Its vintage beauty shines through a stunning blue finish on pine in a setting that evokes a time long ago. An authentic timepiece, the Trafalgar speaks to a time when railroads dominated the country, when it was easy to “hop a rail” and take off on an adventure cross-country. 

Named after the grand Trafalgar steam locomotive built by the British Great Western Railway over a century ago, this unique wall clock measures 11.4 inches by 7.9 inches by 11.4 inches, and has a distinctive weathered face that goes with any rustic decor. 

Perfect as a gift for the Anglophile in your family or just as a functional, exquisite accent piece for any home, the Trafalgar brings a touch of the old country that stands the test of time.

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