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How do you organize your important mail or store your favorite kitchen utensils? There are as many ways to use the storage abilities of the Wesson as there are imaginative people. Originally designed using reclaimed wood and repurposed canvas from old military tents, The Wesson is a rustic wall hanging that is so versatile, there are infinite possibilities on how to use it.

Hang it in your kitchen and store dried herbs in the pockets. Hang it in your family room and put your collection of vintage hand tools in the pockets. The authentic, rugged Wesson features 7 pockets that can be used to store your favorite things or even left empty to make a different kind of statement. 

An unusual name, Wesson comes from Old English origins that referred to a town that was “west” of another. Smith & Wesson is a manufacturer of pistols and revolvers founded in 1852, and have been portrayed as rugged, manly firearms in movies like “Dirty Harry.” Creating arms suitable for use on the American frontier, Smith & Wesson is part and parcel of our American heritage. Imagine the Rough Riders made up of college athletes, cowboys, ranchers, miners, and other outdoorsmen to get a flavor for Wesson frontier nostalgia.

Whatever purpose you find for the Barrel Shack’s Wesson, it will enhance your rustic, country decor in a way that’s both unique and authentic. The Wesson makes a statement that’s bold and courageous, and brings a charming taste to your home’s decor.

  • Wall unit measures 31.75in high x 28.25in long
  • Top wood panel measures 29.4in long x 4.75in wide
  • 4 – 6in pockets
  • 3 – 8.5in pockets
  • 2 metal eyelets on back for easy hanging

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