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Designed after reclaimed cycle parts, The Ward is an interesting and charming piece of country furniture that will accentuate any authentic home furnishings. The Ward gives you the look and feel of rustic, repurposed materials in an authentic stool that fits in anywhere in your home decor. Imagine this unique stool at the breakfast bar in your kitchen or as an occasional seat in your family room. There are numerous ways to use The Ward in your home, and you won’t be disappointed by its ability to delight and appeal to your family, friends, and guests.

Measuring 30 inches high, The Ward is 17 inches long and 17 inches wide. This singularly eclectic stool is unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else, and The Barrel Shack is delighted to be able to bring it to your home to help you create the perfect, charming country lifestyle you want.

Dating back to before the Norman conquest of 1066, Ward is an Old English and Old Gaelic surname so named because of an occupation as a civil guard or a keeper of the watch. A ward was responsible for guarding and protecting, sometimes for the king and sometimes for the general public.

The Barrel Shack is proud to offer you the unique and charming stool, The Ward, for your well-appointed home. The Ward will show your love of all things fashioned with dedication to a country lifestyle.

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