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The Twister

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The Twister by The Barrel Shack is that little touch of whimsy that brightens your life and your home. Designed for the look and feel of reclaimed materials that have been repurposed from their original use to create a one-of-a-kind pillow, the Twister brings a twist to your home decor with appealing colors, textures, and materials. The original design used reclaimed goat leather, and repurposed fabrics, and The Twister replicates that well-worn, rustic facade that will complement any room in your home.

The Twister takes something common, uses handmade craftsmanship, and turns it into a stunning accent piece for your charming, country home, keeping an authentic look and feel. If you’ve been looking for a unique pillow that draws the eye and focuses it on the details, you’ll love the Twister.

Comfortably worn and soft to the touch, the Twister turns a sofa into the focal point in your home. It perfectly accentuates a primitive, country decor with its soft fabrics, and the unique stamp on the front for visual interest. 

Start a conversation today around the story behind the Twister. It’s the story of your search for the perfect accessory, which lead you to The Barrel Shack.

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