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The Stockton

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The Stockton is that nostalgic mixture of reclaimed-looking canvas materials reminiscent of old military tents and mail bags, combined with leather accents from repurposed-looking leather. An authentic piece, the Stockton features a large zippered interior pocket for carrying your essentials, and two exterior pockets that buckle closed with leather straps for your smaller items. Vintage postal service insignia on canvas create a unique, weather-worn look that is both stylish and rugged.

The over-the-shoulder mail satchel carried important, personal letters or post on designated routes beginning in the 1800s. The original satchels were leather until the US Postal Service determined that canvas was much lighter to carry. 

Stockton is one of the most ancient Anglo-Saxon names to come from Britain. The first association with the name was found in Cheshire where the Stockton family held a family seat from ancient times. Old and established, the name Stockton is for one who is patriotic, original, and successful, while being personally zany, insightful, and happy. Stockton works hard and plays hard.

The Barrel Shack’s Stockton works hard and plays hard, too. Whether you’re using it to commute back and forth to work or class each day, or just as a tote for a weekend get-away, the Stockton can keep up with whatever adventure you toss its way.

  • 17in long x 14in high x 5.5in deep
  • Two large interior convenience pockets
  • Two front pockets with leather and metal buckle closures
  • 8in drop handle
  • 32in adjustable shoulder strap

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