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The Roger

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A throw pillow can be used almost anywhere in your home decor, and the Roger offers the simplicity that comes from combining authentic, repurposed-looking materials to create something new. Based on an original design from reclaimed canvas from old military tents and goat leather, the Roger looks and feels well worn and weathered in just the right way, while still being unique.

With its contrasting elements of canvas and a leather patch along one side, the Roger makes a different statement each time you position it on your sofa or chair. The asymmetrical configuration draws your eyes to the interesting materials and how they work together to present a picture that is both stylish and simple.

With the Roger, you can evoke a feeling of traditional and authentic accents that will last for generations. Each rustic piece you add to your collection sends a message about country charm, civil manners, and chivalry—of a bygone era where life was simple and courageous. Roger was a man’s man in the majority of the West at a time when chivalry and sacrifice were the primary aims of man.

The Barrel Shack’s Roger brings that old, authentic feel into your home in a simple style that works well with any decor. Roger is your subtle statement about the romance of by-gone eras when mankind conquered and won.

  • Handmade throw Pillow
  • Based on original design using reclaimed canvas from old military tents and goat leather
  • 17.5-in x 17.5-in

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