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The Rock

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A uniquely-crafted, rough-hewn, round solid wooden slab, The Rock is the perfect rustic, distressed serving tray for hosts and hostesses who enjoy the vintage country look. Enjoy the whorls and grain displayed in the beautiful honey finish that's been distressed to look like a well-worn, lovingly used serving piece. Set an elegant table with fresh baked bread and a crock of creamy butter served on The Rock. Or display your petit fours artfully on a stunning wooden back drop. Measuring 16 inches in diameter and 2 inches high, The Rock is the perfect size for serving just about anything.

The best foundations are built upon rock. A rock is strong and durable so that the house you build will stand the test of time. Rocks weather all storms, handle all loads, and withstand the pressures of time. When building your collection of artwork for your home, consider adding The Rock for its solid, trustworthy, and exquisite beauty. 

There will be natural variations in the wood color and shape because each one of The Rocks is cut and polished from a single piece of wood. Each cut enhances the naturally unique wood grain pattern, designs and color. 

  • Serving tray derived from a single piece of solid wood
  • Rustic display of The Barrel Shack logo
  • 16-in diameter x 2-in high
  • Distressed honey wood finish
  • Each one of The Rock's shows its own unique wood grain design and color
  • Designed & Crafted by The Barrel Shack

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