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The Road Dog

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The Road Dog showcases details that evoke the love of American choppers, as American as baseball and apple pie. Featuring an old-school, extended front chopper with beefed up suspension and a soft tail, the Road Dog is chock full of authentic detailing like the drive train, fat tires, forward mounted foot pegs, the low saddle, and smaller front light and fuel tank. Choppers back then were stripped down to their simplest lines, and candy colored paint proliferated.

The clock face on the Road Dog simulates the speed gauge on an old chopper, with technical detailing that brings to mind visions of back road races and riding free. You can get the time down to the second with the Road Dog, just as seconds was all it took to beat someone across the line to win the race.
The Road Dog measures 20 inches by 5.5 inches by 12 inches, a nice size to adequately display all of the details and the intriguing clock face. There is a clock on both sides and the front handlebars are functional so that you can turn and position the Road Dog to meet your decorating needs.

Added to your collection or gifted to a dear friend, the Road Dog accents any decor and is sure to start the conversation with any chopper lovers.

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