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The Randy

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The original design of The Randy called for reclaimed metal to be repurposed into an inspiring sculpture of an alligator in all its primal fierceness. With its interesting patina and well-worn, corrugated metal, the Randy is the Barrel Shack’s artisanal interpretation of stealth, strength, and cunning. Its strong jaw, jagged teeth, and layers of scales create an image of an animal poised to strike, ready to dominate, and possessing unfailing courage.

Alligators have highly acute senses. They have amazing hearing, and their pupils dilate at night so that they can see better, even underwater. Alligators have pronounced eyelids that provide them the perfect camouflage with their scales that let them look, but not be seen. Alligators are also associated with bravery, resilience, and primal power. They guard their young and their domain with ferocity.

The name Randy means protector. People with this name are born leaders, and they believe in personal independence. They have the personal courage to pursue power and wealth, and would rather focus on large, important issues in life, delegating the details.

Together, Randy and alligator are potent symbols of status and power. Bringing the Randy into your home means you have access to incredible, primordial power and are open to new beginnings. Fill your home with ancient powers and a deep, abiding sense of protection and profound wisdom.

The Barrel Shack’s The Randy is meant to evoke your deep inner desire to use your abilities in leadership for the good of your family and friends. You are the alpha protector of those closest to you.

Every sculpture at The Barrel Shack is assembled by hand. It takes 3 days for each welder to create one unique masterpiece. The welders have 10 years of experience before they are able to create these works of art.

The material used to bring these animals to life is iron. The iron is first cut to the particular shape and size, then welded together for assembly. The welded iron is then polished until smooth and treated by a special electrophoresis powder to prevent rusting. The sculpture is then painted and jeweled to bring out the individual characteristics.

  • Reclaimed-looking metal is fashioned into an inspiring sculpture of an alligator
  • Well-worn, corrugated metal, the Randy is the Barrel Shack’s artisanal interpretation of stealth and strength
  • Each sculpture requires 3 days of craftsmanship
  • Welded by hand
  • 27.5in long x 10.5in wide x 10.5in tall

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