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The Nixon

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If you’re looking for a unique pouf that’s incredibly soft and plush while at the same time sturdy enough to use as a seat or even an eclectic coffee table, you’ll love the Barrel Shack’s Nixon. Based on an original design using reclaimed materials of different texture and weight, the Nixon lets you display your sense of whimsy and authentic charm in home furnishings.

A hint of a military style makes the Nixon perfect for your rugged, American regalia decor, particularly with replicating fabrics designed with the look and feel of repurposed canvas accents from military tents. Metal grommets and fabric-covered buttons add a depth to the Nixon that brings it out of the mediocre and into the fantastic.

While controversial, President Nixon accomplished much in his time in office, particularly by ending American involvement in the Vietnam War while at the same time ending the military draft. A step in the right direction for the nation, Nixon went on to open diplomatic relations with China and also initiated the Anti-Ballisti Missile Treaty with the Soviet Union. At home, he established the Environmental Protection Agency and enforced desegregation in southern schools.

Channeling a sense of order, practicality, and service to others, the Barrel Shack’s Nixon values truth, justice, and discipline and when combined with authenticity and charm, creates a naturally functional ottoman unlike any other.

  • The Nixon is designed to replicate reclaimed materials
  • Handcrafted by The Barrel Shack
  • Can be used as extra seating or add a tray on top to make a table
  • 16-in tall x 18.8-in wide x 17-in long

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