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Featuring rustic metals that give it an old-world charm, The Henry clock by The Barrel Shack harkens you back to the day when the horseless carriage first got its start. A time when travel became something more than a long, arduous chore. A time when man conquered the open road. The Henry is a custom-made clock featuring the intricate details of a gas-powered engine that was the demise of the horse-drawn carriage and the start of modern travel.

While he didn’t invent the automobile, Henry Ford was the first industrialist to bring the automobile to the production line to lower costs enough that middle class Americans could afford a new car. With the explosion of families owning automobiles, travel became something enjoyable and more easily accomplished. Now the family could travel together much faster to their destination than they could have ever imagined. Famously said by Ford, “If I had asked them what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.” Instead he gave them something that changed society for the better.

The Henry by The Barrel Shack helps you evoke the image of that fierce desire to bring something new to life through hard work and determination. Measuring 18.9 inches by 3.5 inches by 12.6 inches, the Henry deserves a prominent place in your home.

  • Designed after reclaimed materials
  • Rustic wall clock
  • 18.6-in wide x 3.5-in wide x 12.6-in high

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