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The Alex

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Add detail and texture to any sofa, love seat, or chair with The Alex. A throw pillow designed to give you the look and feel of reclaimed materials, the Alex’s original design used repurposed goat leather from old sofas and canvas from old military tents. This look lets you make a statement about your sense of style.

Brass tacks hold leather patches on four sides of the pillow, giving you a combination leather, metal, and canvas backdrop that adds depth and volume to your home furnishings. The perfect size to accompany any piece of furniture, the Alex is one of the Barrel Shack’s most unique accessories.

The name Alex is Greek for defender of men, protector of mankind. In some religions, Alex is considered as a god. Alex can be short for Alexander or Alexandra. When you hear the name Alex, you think of that sweet boy or girl you knew back when who was always there for you and who was cool beyond words. Alex was one of the best friends you could ever meet, always willing to listen, and wild and fun at parties. 

The Barrel Shack’s Alex seeks to capture that sense of greatness and bring the adventure into your home. Man’s defender, our Alex is a warrior meant to protect your comfort at home.

  • Fabric designed after reclaimed military tents and blankets
  • Features leather details
  • 17.5 x 17.5

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