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The Rantaplan

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If you love your furry, four-legged friends as much as we think you do, you’ll really love The Rantaplan. Featuring a simple design originally based on reclaimed and repurposed materials, you get a rustic, well-worn piece for your four-legged friend that complements any decor. The Rantaplan follows the look of recycled canvas from military tents to give a feel of rustic charm and set the mood for your elegant home.

What dog doesn’t love to curl up in a comfy dog bed that can claim a place of honor in your home? The Rantaplan is much more than a simple dog bed, however. It is a decorative addition to your home furnishings that will blend in well with your style and never look out of place on the floor. Where other beds fall flat because of cheap materials or an uninspired design, The Rantaplan excels in both. Anything you bring into your home should excel in both materials and design, and The Rantaplan will satisfy even the pickiest decorator. 

The Barrel Shack’s The Rantaplan takes care of two birds with one stone: your furry friend gets a comfortable place of honor in your home and you get an appealing dog bed that doesn’t clash with your fine furnishings.

  • Unique Dog Bed
  • 32.5-in long x 23.5-in wide x 6.5-in tall
  • Original design based on recycled materials from military tents

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