• The Nightfall
  • The Nightfall

The Nightfall

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The Barrel Shack's The Nightfall three-candle candleholder summons that smooth, quiet sense of peace that Nightfall brings, with its rustic, hand-hewn textures and rich stain finish. Three wax candles offer the perfect amount of light for snuggling under a blanket and relaxing by candlelight. The candleholder is crafted from individual logs that measure around 4.75 inches in diameter to create a tableau that is both rustic and authentic for those in love with the country style.

Think back to summers as a child. When the sunset after a long day of swimming, riding bikes, or playing backyard ball games, you were still outside. Fireflies started to come out, and you tried to see how many you could catch. There's something about the glow of fireflies in a mason jar that makes The Nightfall magical. Relive that magic with The Barrel Shack's The Nightfall candleholder.

  • Rustic Candle Holder
  • Three candles
  • Crafted from individual logs that measure around 4.75in diameter x 10in long
  • The Barrel Shack The Nightfall candle holder features the logo on one side

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