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The Mariette

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If you value unique totes to carry your essentials, you’ll love the Barrel Shack’s The Mariette. Featuring a distinctive upright duffel bag style, The Mariette is reminiscent of an old seed bag that an enterprising woman has converted into a useful tote to carry all the things you need when you leave the house.

Unique details like the old skeleton key give The Mariette visual interest, and the interior is lined with vintage ticking that’s rugged and durable no matter what you need to carry. Fashioned after repurposed goat leather, these leather straps let you sling The Mariette over your shoulder and press on.

The name Mariette means a wished-for child, and those with this name are undeniably unusual and highly sensitive. Mariette is strong-willed, resourceful, daring, and assertive, and she is passionate about transforming her difficulties into challenges that are more than just an empty idea.

Mariette is fiercely independent and individualistic, and she seeks to affirm herself and succeed in life in her own way. Never one to follow, Mariette leads the pack with practicality and common sense.

The Barrel Shack’s The Mariette also leads the pack with style and practical functionality that lets you make a statement about how you prefer to be imagined. A wished-for tote, the Mariette defines independence and individualism.

  • 15.2in long x 17in high x 9.5in deep
  • One interior convenience pocket
  • 1.25in wide leather strap with 11.5in drop handle
  • Features exterior antique key detail

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