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The Louisette

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The Louisette is an antiqued, quaint, rustic metal clock with intricate scrollwork and details that speak to a weathered, worn, and lovingly used timepiece that has survived both time and history.

At the end of the 18th century in London and Paris, there was civil unrest, and punishments were sought that fit the crime. In Paris, a man named Antoine Louis built a prototype for an apparatus that executed criminals by beheading, called the Louisette, later to be renamed the guillotine. Around the same time in London, the gallows where prisoners were hung was moved to Newgate Prison. 

The Louisette clock, with “Newgate” printed on its face, refers back to a time when revolutions were forming and mobs were rioting to demand equality under law for nobles and peasants alike. Centuries ago, the histories of both the Louisette and Newgate were changed by equality, fraternity, and liberty, so that no man is above another.

Show your intimate knowledge of how history has shaped the world today by displaying The Louisette as a centerpiece in your decor. Or gift it to someone who loves history and open the conversation about the histories of the Louisette and Newgate Prison.

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