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Lazy Susan



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The Barrel Shack's Lazy Susan is made of reclaimed-looking, solid wood that's been honed and shaped to fit together and revolve seamlessly and silently. At 17.7 inches in diameter, Lazy Susan fits any table for a rustic, natural wood serving turntable that complements any style or theme in your kitchen or dining room.

Lazy Susan has quite a history as a serving tray. Lazy Susan has been called "the characteristic feature of the self-serving dinner table." Bring this rich historical piece of ingenuity into your home in a rustic design that goes well with your charming and rustic country lifestyle. Show your family, friends, and guests that food is easily and equally available to all who sit at your table.

  • Revolving, natural wood Serving Tray
  • Effortless turntable rotation
  • 17.7-in diameter
  • Each Lazy Susan has its own unique, beautiful variations in wood colors

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