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The Farmette

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Have you ever wanted to chuck everything and go live on a farmette where you can raise some livestock, grow your own greens, and live off the land? 

The Farmette clock harkens back to a simpler life, one that lives in closer connection to the earth and shares her bounty with family and friends. The matte black finish and old style clock face of this table clock stand is reminiscent of an old oil lantern that farmers who live off the grid would use to check on the animals at night, to ensure the pens were safely closed and all were bedded down and resting before the next day’s work.

The use of oil lamps began thousands of years ago and actually continues to this day, especially for those who want a cozy, soft glow for lighting instead of harsh electric lighting. While The Farmette doesn’t gives off any light, it does showcase a simpler time and life, when people gathered together around an oil lamp and traded secrets and stories.

The Farmette measures 14 inches high by 8.85 inches wide and 5 inches deep, the perfect size for any centerpiece, side table, or mantel. If you have bookshelves or a plant ledge, The Farmette will enhance any decor for a lively vignette that makes a statement about your style.

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