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In Amsterdam, the most bicycle friendly capital city in the world, most people travel by bike, much more than by car. The Amsterdam clock harkens back to a simpler style of life, one without exhaust fumes and people insulated inside their vehicles, away from the fresh air and nature. This attractive metal clock has a dark stain that shows its wear and rustic appeal, and the details tell another story from the front and back fenders to the chain and the spring suspension on the saddle. The innovative clock face reads likes an odometer, looks like a speedometer, and has the word "Journey" printed on it to remind us all that life is a journey, and what you do along your journey is more important than your final destination.

The City of Amsterdam certainly knows how to make the journey more pleasant. With over 400 kilometers of bike paths, called Fietspad, you can ride your bicycle anywhere on a dedicated trail that's separate from roads and footpaths. In fact, over 60% of trips in Amsterdam are made by bike.

Show that you understand the importance of the journey with The Amsterdam table clock. Measuring 21.25 inches long by 13 inches high by 4.3 inches deep, The Amsterdam fits nicely into any decor in your house. Or if you know someone who is an avid cyclist or someone more interested in the journey than the destination, give The Amsterdam clock as a token of celebrating life's splendid journey.

  • 21.25-in length x 13-in height x 4.3-in width
  • Designed & Crafted By The Barrel Shack

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