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The Alice

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Whimsical and care-free, The Alice is an ottoman unlike any other you’ll find. Fashioned after the original design that included reclaimed goat leather on the top and an accent stripe around the bottom, The Alice is made from fabric reminiscent of old, repurposed military tents to give you texture in your furnishings that draws the eye. The cylindrical shape and attention to detail make The Alice unique piece to add to your home, one that will serve you well as a stool, a foot rest, or an end table. 

When Alice falls down through the rabbit hole in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, you, as the reader, get to enter a new fantasy world where animals have amazing personalities and everyone has something to say. Alice is our very own plucky, yet proper heroine, who manages to maintain herself through various adventures in a fantasy world inspired by situations and buildings in Oxford University and Christ Church in England. Alice finds out all the things that can befall a young girl who goes seeking adventures, but she comes out unscathed and wiser for the experience.

The Barrel Shack’s The Alice recreates that sense of adventure and of being plucky, yet proper. With its attention to detail, the story behind Alice’s adventures keeps you attentive and engaged throughout, just as our The Alice will engage you in the relaxation of a tale well told.

  • Cloth ottoman based on an original design from military blankets and canvases
  • Leather details
  • 16.25in high x 17in diameter

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