About The Barrel Shack

If you’re interested in rustic, authentic, one-of-a-kind works of art that are both functional and decorative, The Barrel Shack is the right place for you. When we set up The Barrel Shack, our artisans and master craftsmen sought out unexpected objects – old car jacks, fraying army tents and barn beams – and repurposed them into stunning stools, bags and side tables that displayed an intense focus on design and functionality. Our artisans practice their craft every day by envisioning different ways to incorporate unconventional materials into something new. Where else will you find an old stadium seat that’s been repurposed into a finely detailed leather chair?

Over the years, at The Barrel Shack, we have stayed true to this commitment to create innovative pieces that make others take notice. Each piece bears the time-worn, rustic charm that is hard to find in the mass produced, machine-made home décor of our times. Look through our catalog. The Barrel Shack’s master craftsmen transform ordinary materials into objects so unique and individual you won’t find anything like them, anywhere else in the world. It’s always easy to tell our products are genuinely handmade – no two are ever alike! 

The Barrel Shack believes in authentic country charm. We scout out the best pieces of wood, metal, leather, and textiles to bring you a piece that tells a story about who you are and your flair for something different. Define your life with our custom, one-of-a-kind works, crafted with passion and expertise – and delivered straight to your home.

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