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The Hancock

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Lovingly crafted from metal wire with rustic wooden handles on either side is the French-style basket aptly named The Hancock and offered by The Barrel Shack.  A beautiful way to display any number of items in your home, The Hancock looks beautiful filled with bread at the table or brightly colored balls of yarn besides your chair. Whether you use it to hold fruit on a countertop or beautiful cut flowers from your garden, The Hancock gives you the country charm you love for your home furnishings. And measuring 12 inches round by 4.7 inches tall, The Hancock is the right size for any number of items.

John Hancock had quite the illustrious history. Not only was he an American merchant, but he was a statesman and prominent patriot of the American Revolution. He was even a smuggler at one point in time. Hancock served as president of the Second Continental Congress, and he is most remembered for his large and stylish signature on the Declaration of Independence. In fact, today, when someone wants your “John Hancock,” they want your signature. What you might not know is that Hancock used his wealth to support the colonial cause. Once the U.S. gained its freedom after the Revolutionary War, Hancock spent his remaining years as Governor of Massachusetts and made sure that Massachusetts ratified the Constitution in 1788.

American life in its finest form was hard fought and won, and The Barrel Shack recognizes that and brings patriotism and country charm into your home with The Hancock.

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