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The Dextra

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If you’re interested in adding pieces to your collection that are unlike anything others may have, take a look at the Dextra. Featuring a wood top that’s hinged, the Dextra opens up to reveal unique storage in the metal interior.

The rustic and authentic metal drum was originally designed after a cooking vessel for large gatherings of friends and family that were placed over the fire to heat and cook foods, giving it that aged look and patina that’s as colorful as it is quaint.

The ribbed sides of the metal display a texture and pattern that is complemented by the distressed wood top made from a solid piece of wood. Use it as a coffee table or a side table; surely you can imagine many more uses for this one-of-a-kind piece.

Dextra is Latin for right hand, and the other forms include dexter and dextro which mean right and to the right, respectively. This is the root for the English word ambidextrous or the ability to use either hand with equal skill. If you’re ambidextrous, you have a general skillfulness with either hand and are very versatile in using both hands for various tasks equally and easily.

An ambidexter is someone who is equally ready to act on either side in disputes amongst two parties.

The Barrel Shack’s Dextra has that versatility called for in its Latin roots. Imagine all the reasons you can find to use a clever little table with storage capacity like the Dextra.

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