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Reclaimed-looking wood shows the distress and worn essence of the Roseanne dining tray. Featuring a uniquely crafted design that is as timeless as it is classic, Roseanne has a intriguing light and dark stained appearance to show its age and wear to perfection. Measuring 17.75 inches long by 13.8 inches wide and 3 inches deep, Roseanne is the perfect size for serving your guests. 

The Barrel Shack's Roseanne brings you a rustic serving tray using reclaimed-looking wood that shows off expert craftsmanship. Once you've used the Roseanne serving tray, you'll understand its worth. 

  • Unique Serving Tray
  • Made From Reclaimed-Looking Wood
  • The wood has a beautiful, smooth honey colored wood finish
  • 17.75-in long x 13.8-in wide x 3-in deep
  • Designed & Crafted by The Barrel Shack

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