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The Stauntons

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When you want elegant simplicity in your home furnishings, you need the Stauntons. An uncomplicated design patterned off old stadium chairs covered in recycled goat leather from old sofas, the Stauntons features a wide leather seat that’s been distressed and is soft and comfortable, while metal legs have been antiqued to look worn and rugged.

Its rustic charm comes through in the many details that make it authentic: unique stitching around the edges of the seat and back, and a classic metal leg design that speaks of times gone by. If you’re looking for a traditional leather chair that offers its simplicity up as elegance, you’ll want the Stauntons in your collection.

Howard Staunton was an English chess master who promoted a standardized chess set with pieces that were clearly distinguishable from each other and weighted so they wouldn’t tip over so easily. Chess had always been the hobby of the wealthy, and chess sets were individualized and ornately carved for the aristocrats who used them.

Staunton wanted to bring chess to the masses, but needed a way to make a chess set affordable to all. The Staunton pattern, created by Nathaniel Cook, is the required style chess set for all competitions even today.

The Barrel Shack is bringing you a standardized piece from a master craftsman who understands the beauty in a simple design. The Stauntons brings its rustic charm and casual elegance to bear in your home that will work well with any decor.

  • 29in high x 17.25 wide x 13in deep
  • Patterned after reclaimed stadium chairs covered in recycled goat leather
  • Wide leather seat
  • Antiqued metal legs
  • Unique thick stitch detail

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