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The Rockefeller

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The Rockefeller is under-stated elegance in leather and steel. This attractive bar stool is engineered in a specific style that was originally based on soft goat leather recycled from old sofas to showcase the intricate detailed stitching around the outer edge and iron work legs from new metal that are intertwined in ways much like an intricate network of supporting pillars for a grand edifice.

The Rockefeller is easily at home situated in front of a breakfast bar or a cocktail table, and its perfect height means you’ll see eye to eye with everyone else. Distressed and worn to look authentic and rustic, the Rockefeller shows off its charm with texture and expert iron work craftsmanship.

The Rockefeller who started the largest business empire in the world was John D. Rockefeller, head of the Standard Oil Company and one of the world’s richest men. It was his later philanthropy that used his fortune to fund ongoing causes that inspired the name “The Rockefeller.” Rockefeller was one of the more respected philanthropists in history, and he gave away more than $530 million to various causes. He left behind a legacy of giving that people still respect today.

Rockefeller and grace. Leather and steel. Synonymous terms that go hand-in-hand and carry a strength and stature beyond the pale. Grace your home with the exquisite leather and steel that is the Rockefeller.

  • Soft, distressed, genuine leather seat
  • Intricate leather stich detail
  • Steel used to craft geometric shape seat legs
  • Breakfast bar or cocktail table height
  • 30.12in height, 14.5in x 14.5in legs, 12.2in diameter of seat

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