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The Osbourne

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The Osbourne is the most versatile and unique piece in the Barrel Shack furniture collection. The Osbourne is styled after distressed leather recycled from old sofas on top that’s been well-worn and lovingly used, and is also patterned after recycled canvas and old military blankets in the material around the sides to create an exceptionally textured mosaic of patterns and solids that combine in unexpected ways.

The turned wooden legs add stability and depth to an expertly crafted piece that has as many purposes as limited only by your imagination. It can be a seat, or it can be an ottoman. It can be a coffee table or end table. Whatever purpose you can dream up, the Osbourne can fulfill.

The image associated with the name Osbourne is one that has been meticulously cultivated. There is one Osbourne who has had tremendous success in branching out on a solo career, unlike many other headlining artists who left groups to only find themselves disappearing into obscurity. The whole goal of Osbourne was to stand out from the crowd. He played the troubled loner and a social misfit with an ease that belied his anti-social theatrics and only contributed to his public notoriety.

If you want your home decor to stand out from the crowd, you need to add the Osbourne to your collection of fine heirloom pieces. This is one piece of art that will accentuate and inspire multiple conversations.

  • Styled after reclaimed, distressed, genuine goat leather
  • Subtle arched edge of seating bench
  • Textured mosaic pattern that’s been styled after military blankets, recycled canvases and goat leather
  • Wood foot at base of bench adds extra detail and height
  • 18.11in height x 18.5in width x 24.8in length

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