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The Conquest

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Rustic charm meets intricate detailing in the Conquest train clock designed for ferroequinologists of all ages. Featuring weathered and worn metal, the Conquest was originally patterned to be hand-crafted down to the minutest detail, from the iron railings around the engine to the scaled cow-catcher on the front end. Each wheel shows a different time in cities around the world, and the face of the engine looks like a steam gauge on the old steam engines that opened up America’s west for travelers.

Ferroequinologist, or one who loves trains, comes from the Latin ferrum meaning “iron” and equus meaning “horse.” The term Iron Horse, referring to the steam engine, was coined during the Victorian Age when horses still powered most machinery in both Britain and North America. The Iron Horse swept aside the destiny of the horse, however, and opened up territories that had been restricted to only the most adventurous in the past. With the advent of the Iron Horse and the transcontinental railroad, you could travel from the East Coast to the West Coast in days, rather than months or years in the past.

The Conquest train clock speaks to mankind’s conquest of the vagaries of travel over long distances, connecting cities and people within a growing nation, from sea to sea. Stretching 20.5 inches long by 18.5 inches tall and 12.2 inches deep, the Conquest train clock is the perfect gift for that ferroequinologist in your circle.

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