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The Sahara

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The Sahara is a stunning metal rendition of an old glider that brings to mind the Flight of the Phoenix. Featuring an innovative wall hanging design, The Sahara has a thick, rimmed frame with a dark red, smooth, glossy finish that perfectly sets off the unique clock face designed like an aircraft gauge. 

The Flight of the Phoenix, a novel released in the 1960’s by Elliston Trevor, tells the story of the crew of a transport aircraft that crashes in the middle of the Sahara desert. The survivors are a diverse group of individuals from around the world who attempt to save themselves by building a new aircraft from the wreckage to allow them to fly to safety. One of the survivors in an aeronautical engineer who believes his design will work. 

As the work progresses, the others learn that the aeronautical engineer has only built model planes, not real, full-scale ones, and they feel their plan is doomed. They turn out to be wrong, and the aircraft is reborn of the wreckage, like the mythical Phoenix. They fly to an oasis and civilization.

The Sahara wall clock defines the beauty of what can rise from the ashes as humankind works together to save themselves. This stunning timepiece is 26.4 inches long, 7 inches deep, and 14.5 inches wide, making it a prominent wall fixture for any room. Watch the time fly by with The Sahara, which works well with any decor. Whether you are captivated by the story of the Flight of the Phoenix or know someone with a love of all things related to flight, the Sahara is sure to please.

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